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Forget William and Harry, this is the blockbuster feud of 100 years ago between the funniest and most famous people on the planet at the time.

‘The Feud’ is the untold but true story of Laurel and Chaplin. Teenage best friends sharing a room for three years as they started their careers.  Charlie star of the show and Stan his loyal understudy. Then, Chaplin is discovered by Hollywood and vows to help Stan if he makes it. With no explanation, Charlie ignored his best-friend and even when Stan eventually found fame, they never spoke again for twenty-five years.   

A heart-breaking and hilarious spoken narrative explains ‘The Feud’ but this compelling story is transcended into something unique by a mix of slapstick and cirque suitable for a family audience. Every physical performing art is deployed from breath-taking aerial flying to knockabout acrobatics, from magical illusion to break-dancing performed by an eclectic talented cast of seven new exciting multi-talented performers.


Jon Conway is a veteran producer who has created shows from Broadway to Beijing and London to Las Vegas. With 70 episodes of BBC TV comedy and having created five original  West End shows, his current focus is producing large scale arena family shows, including Elf- The Musical.


The physical performance skills include ; aerial strap, silks, adagio, multi handed acrobatic routine, piano, real time art painting, skating, break-dance, magic and illusion, custard pie slapstick, physical comedy, boxing, mime, all woven into a strong dramatic play that flips between farce and pathos.

The bulk of the comedy has been honed by the lead cast members during 200 live performances as ‘Crazy Comedy Company’ over the last 18 months with two seasons as headliners at both Butlins Holiday resorts, Viva Cabaret Room, Blackpool and Edinburgh Festival to audience and critical claim alike


The show was originally produced at Edinburgh Festival in 2022 gaining great reviews.

5 STAR Derek Awards best actor nominated review said:

‘A Brilliant tribute of a bygone age. These two gems have been repolished. Jordan Conway is a clone of Charlie Chaplin.’

“Two on-screen legends merit two legendary performances. As Stan Laurel, Matt Knight shows off some of the party tricks that wowed the judges on BBC TV’s ‘Let It Shine’ where if memory serves (or rather if The Current Mrs Dan’s memory serves) he reached the semi-finals. There’s a depth to his portrait work on Laurel, a melancholy and personal uncertainty, the shadows of the limelight. Matt is a physical wonderworker, but he’s also a chuffing good character actor and one to watch in the coming years.

Watching Jordan (son of Jon) Conway play Chaplin is like having high tea at the Ritz astride a Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 (0-60 in approximately 2.5 seconds). The first thing I do when I’m back outside is message Angela Pearson of the ‘Talking Bottom’ podcast to ask if anyone is filming a Rik Mayall biopic and in need of a star. Jordan shares Mayall’s timing, his precision, his manic determination simply to be as funny as he can possibly be – in fact, funnier than anyone else could possibly be. Jordan matches Matt’s physicality (although no one could equal it). Their on-stage chemistry is as lively as things would get if you were caught deliberately puncturing the bouncy castle at Vinny Jones’ kid’s birthday party.”