Oneway Films

Having appeared as an actor in over 30 tv dramas during the 70’s and 80’s, and written for 50 episodes of tv, it is a wonder it took the hyper active Conway so long to become a movie producer. Encouraged by his son Jordan, who studied both film acting and making at The Met, LAMDA and Pinewood studios, they created oneway films in 2016. The company name is inspired by David Hasslehoff, who remarked on set one day, “There is only one way… the Conway”. Following the full length made for tv stage musical LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE, father and son wrote, directed and produced GRIMALDI-THE FUNNIEST MAN IN THE WORLD, a touching period drama about the great clown Joe Grimaldi.


In 1806, Joe Grimladi was known as the funniest man in the world.

100 years later Chaplin would proclaim that without Grimaldi’s clown character, there would have been no tramp. Grimaldi not only invented pantomime as we know it today, he was the father of political satire on the stage. His break neck, hilarious stunt comedy led to him being crippled in later life and replaced by his equally brilliant, but hedonistic son, who when wearing the white clown make up, audiences could not tell apart.

The son was an epileptic, mistaken for a bad tempered lunatic, often kept at home between shows in a straight jacket by his loving father. The nations’ favourite comedy star of his generation died penniless and alone after his son died a tragic death on the floor of a public house.

The film was shot on location in the breathtakingly beautiful locations of Blackpool’s Tower Circus, Ballroom, Grand Theatre and Imperial hotel, with a cast of major UK tv actors and headed by legendary The Chuckle Brothers.

Jon Conway used Grimaldi’s personal memoirs, (edited by none other than Charles Dickens, who was a fan),as the basis for the script and re staged some of his famous comedy routines in a sumptuous period drama.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

The legendary



The Hoff, plays Ross, a hilarious hedonist. He’s Ibiza's top 80's DJ who doesn't realize a new decade has dawned. Disco is out, the club scene is in.

He tries to keep up with the times... and with Mandy, his new younger girl-friend but matters are complicated when his teenage daughter Penny arrives to stay. Father and daughter haven't seen each other for three years, since a messy divorce. No longer a demure school girl, but a wild child who quickly falls for a local holiday rep.

It's the story of two generations colliding, as a badly behaved parent, tries to control a wild child teenager... telling her, 'Do as I ay, not as I did!'!

This hilarious hit fest is also a touching father and daughter drama, set against a background of sun, sea, sex, drugs and rock and roll… taking us back to the 90’s.