Crazy Comedy Company

Having formed during the Worlds Biggest Panto arena shows this talented team have just finished two amazing years headlining 150 shows at Butlins and two seasons at Blackpool’s prestigious Viva Showbar in their own show. In addition they had a critically acclaimed season at Edinburgh Festival with their remarkable comedy play ‘Laurel and Chaplin - Before They Were Famous’.

Crazy Comedy Company

The act defies description, being a mix of knockabout comedy and cirque skills that has been so in demand they have played 250 performances in the last year!


"It’s like having high tea at The Ritz sat astride a Harley Davidson, 0-60 in 2.5 seconds"

"Laugh out loud with spectacular circus skills and just enough tragedy before a custard pie comes hurtling towards your face…literally!"

"Matt Knight as Stan is a gymnastic wonder"

"Jordan Conway as Chaplin is a star in the making"
- Get Your Coats On