Peter Pan


Peter Pan

Wherever you are seated, you’ll be close to the action of this thrilling show as it will be performed across three arena stages on a movie style Neverland set, plus a giant 60 feet wide LED screen with computer graphic imagery and live close-up tv relay of the action.

J. M. Barrie’s original story and characters will be brought to life by a cast of over 100 performers, including flying cirque, stunt stars and actors.

Stunning special effects include:

  • A life size Jolly Roger galleon ‘sailing’ around the arena in front of a 10,000 gallon water wall
  • Six thrilling synchronised aerial mermaids
  • A crazy collection of trapeze and trampoline stuntmen and custard pie slapstick specialists
  • Watch out for the biggest, scariest animatronic crocodile you ever saw!