This unique ‘factional’ drama contains sensational new information about the death of Princess Diana presented in a thrilling format.

A playwright uncovers secrets about Diana and her death, that the establishment have tried to keep hidden. As he does, his own life starts to unravel and he becomes paranoid, suspecting the wife he is devoted to, is being unfaithful.

Is Ray being manipulated by the ‘men in grey’ that Diana had always maintained existed, or does no-one in their right mind believe Diana was murdered?

With meticulous forensic research, revelations from previously silent sources and access to Police witness statements and court transcripts, the nine handed play uses the actual words spoken by a cast of characters including James Hewitt, Piers Morgan, Paul Burrell, Mohammed Al Fayed, members of MI6, witnesses to Diana’s crash, and the British Royal Family.

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We have asked JON CONWAY, the creator and lead actor of TRUTH, LIES, DIANA some questions about the play.

Q. What’s the play about?
A. It’s  about people who lie. From little lies in a marriage, to big lies involving establishment cover ups.

Q. Is it about Princess Diana?
A.It’s about the truth and lies surrounding Diana. From what happened after her death, particularly at the inquest, to the way all those who were close to her have since been discredited. You rarely read anything positive about Diana herself now. She is not portrayed as a character in the play, though some of the words she said are read aloud, such as her prediction she would be killed in a car crash.

Q. What kind of lies do you mean?
A. For instance, everyone quotes the accident was caused by a drunk driver and the following paparazzi. That is a lie. In fact, the verdict was unlawful killing, caused by the following drivers of motorbikes and a Fiat Uno. Incredibly, the drivers of these vehicles were never found. It is almost certain they were not paparazzi. We show that smaller, more domestic lies, that take place in any marriage, and Charles and Diana’s in particular, can have dreadful consequences.

Q. Why drag all this up again now?
A. The last three years has seen dramatic reinvestigations into many old crimes, exposing covers and corruption in the past.  Jimmy Savile, Steven Lawrence, phone hacking and so on, have vindicated witnesses previously presented as unreliable. None more relevant than the opening of a new Hillsborough inquest. This happened after the Police admitted they altered over 100 witness statements.  Yet any questions about Diana’s death are swept aside or met with a wall of silence.

Q. So you think there is a connection with this story and the way the establishment and press have handled other incidents.
A. Absolutely. MI6 evidence was scarcely believable at the time, nor their declaration they never spied on Diana, or indeed anyone in the public eye. Edward Snowden’s revelations proved that was a lie.

Q. Is it a political thriller, a true story or a drama?
A. It’s all three, based on my own personal experiences investigating this story and all the people I met. James Hewitt, Al Fayed, Paul Burrell, senior policeman, newspaper editors, Special Branch and what happened to my life as I became engulfed in the paranoia that all this created. It literally drove me mad!

Q. What are the most shocking revelations the play makes.
A. Sadly, that senior policeman were economical with the truth, some press editors deliberately smeared people, and upsettingly, the word of the Royal household itself is called into question.

Q. How can you prove this?
A.We have used transcripts from the inquest, leaked official documents and statements made on the public record, in addition to the interviews I conducted. When you assemble them in a timeline and view them against what has happened recently, it makes pretty compelling argument.

Q. Can you prove Diana was murdered?
A.Before you answer the question, do you think Diana was murdered, answer the question, do you think the establishment lie to us?

Q. What are your credentials to make such challenging statements?
A.I’m not an anarchist, republican or conspiracy theorist. It was my naïve curiosity that led me to open doors that others may have missed. That’s the interesting thing about the play, it follows the journey of an ordinary bloke, in love with his wife, who has no idea of the damage the truth can do.

Q. And you play a character based on yourself?
A.Yes, I was originally asked to present the piece as a one man show in America. In the end, it turned into a nine handed play representing 25 characters! We premiered off Broadway last year, at the Snapple Theatre, right in the heart of Times Square, because I was worried about the reaction we may get in the UK. However, it is not offensive in any way, it is a challenging and hopefully entertaining piece of theatre, that presents a sensible, even handed debate of the greatest mystery since JFK.

We then talked to MAURICE THOROGOOD, a veteran West End and film actor who represents the establishment characters in the play.

Q. What is your role?
A. I start off as Justice Scott Baker, the presiding judge at Diana’s inquest. All court room drama is riveting, but this is extraordinary, because I basically say what the judge said, in the most astonishing inquest of our time.  The writer becomes paranoid and believes that a shadowy figure from MI5 is following him. Because he sees all establishment figures as part of the same club, I assume that role too and then that of his psychiatrist as paranoia engulfs him.

Q. You have been an actor for 40 years, what attracted you to this part?
A. This play has everything, it’s a tense thriller, it’s an emotional drama about a man who is torn when confronted with some terrible truths and I get to play the puppet master who is controlling him. Best of all, it’s all based on what actually happened.

And KIM TIDDY, known for her years in THE BILL and HOLLYOAKS.

Q. Tell us about your part in TRUTH LIES DIANA
A. I play an actress who is married to the investigative writer. As her husband tries to track down the truth, she has some secrets of her own, she would rather not be revealed. She helps his research by playing various parts he has written .

Q. Do you portray Princess Diana onstage?
A. No, we didn’t want to make her a character, it just didn’t seem right. However, it’s important her voice is heard, so I do read some things that she said when the characters are researching her. They are really powerful scenes, because although so much has been said about Diana and so many photographs taken of her, we don’t always hear what she actually had to say.

Q. How does your character impact on the story?
A.Amongst all the facts flying about, the heart of the story is about truth and lies in a marriage. Jon has written some really powerful scenes that lay raw how relationships work. I guess, he is trying to mirror the problems in Diana’s marriage without imposing on her privacy, by showing the stresses in a normal everyday marriage.